Killed in Action, Killed on Active Duty, or Died of Wounds (1939 - 1945)

Lists are arranged alphabetically according to surname. Each contains approximately 24 individuals identified by Rank, Force, Date and Location at time of loss. 

Abrams, Pilot Officer Hyman D -- to -- Birkett, Pilot Officer John Evelyn Wreford

Blakeney, Flying Officer Lester Ferguson -- to -- Clouston, Commander James Campbell

Cluff, Pilot Officer Robert Fraser -- to -- Duncan, Lieutenant George Findlay, D.S.C

Duncan, Flight Lieutenant Robert Bryson -- to -- Good, Squadron Leader Edgar Andrew

Goodenough, Sergeant Carlton Stokes -- to -- Jacobs, Wing Commander David Sinclair D.F.C

Jacobson, Sergeant Joseph Alfred -- to -- McAllister, Flight Officer John Carson

McAllister, Flight Officer Leslie Duncan -- to -- Michaels, Sergeant John Lewis, M.M.

Mile, Pilot Officer Fred Dunbar -- to -- Pethick, Flying Officer Thomas Melville

Phillips, Warrant Officer Neil Seymour Hunter -- to -- Scott, Cadet Eugene Claude

Scott, Pilot Officer Frederick Arthur -- to -- Vanier, Pilot Officer Eugene Dunlop

Walkley, Lieutenant John Molson -- to -- Young, Lieutenant Richard Oliver

 Lists based upon the work of R.C. Fetherstonhaugh in McGill University at War, 1947 (Appendix A. pp.378-389)