Killed in Action, Killed on Active Duty, or Died of Wounds (1939 - 1945)

Lists are arranged alphabetically according to surname. Each contains approximately 24 individuals identified by Rank, Force, Date and Location at time of loss. The McGill University affiliation of each is noted with links to the Books of Remembrance, Ottawa and The Commonwealth War Grave Commission .

Abrams, Pilot Officer Hyman D -- to -- Birkett, Pilot Officer John Evelyn Wreford

Blakeney, Flying Officer Lester Ferguson -- to -- Clouston, Commander James Campbell

Cluff, Pilot Officer Robert Fraser -- to -- Duncan, Lieutenant George Findlay, D.S.C

Duncan, Flight Lieutenant Robert Bryson -- to -- Good, Squadron Leader Edgar Andrew

Goodenough, Sergeant Carlton Stokes -- to -- Jacobs, Wing Commander David Sinclair D.F.C

Jacobson, Sergeant Joseph Alfred -- to -- McAllister, Flight Officer John Carson

McAllister, Flight Officer Leslie Duncan -- to -- Michaels, Sergeant John Lewis, M.M.

Mile, Pilot Officer Fred Dunbar -- to -- Pethick, Flying Officer Thomas Melville

Phillips, Warrant Officer Neil Seymour Hunter -- to -- Scott, Cadet Eugene Claude

Scott, Pilot Officer Frederick Arthur -- to -- Vanier, Pilot Officer Eugene Dunlop

Walkley, Lieutenant John Molson -- to -- Young, Lieutenant Richard Oliver

 Lists based upon the work of R.C. Fetherstonhaugh in McGill University at War, 1947 (Appendix A. pp.378-389)