The McGill University Honour Roll

 In 1926 the University commissioned the publication of a book to record the names and photographs of those who lost their lives in the First World War. This compilation, alongwith the numerous memorials placed in the campus buildings comprised the official record of the contribution of  those who lost their lives. 

In 1946 plans were made to incorporate the losses of both world wars in a Memorial Book kept under glass in the  Memorial Hall completed in 1947. In a single book the names of the 363 lost in 1914-18 were added to the 298  names lost between 1939 and 1945.

The 1918-1914 Honour Roll:

Killed in Action

Allan - Biddulph
Black - Christie
Christie - Duggan
Duval - Gorman
Grace - Johnston
Johnston - McCuaig
McDiarmaid - Martin
Masson - Pearse
Pedley - Ross
Rowat - Stitt
Strachan - Waterston
White to Wright

Died of Illness or Accident

Abbott - Field
Fry - Perrault
Pratt - Yates